quinta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2006

Well, I was looking the journal today morning and I couldn´t help myself before I came here and published what I heared: the Alzheimer disease, that has been discovered 100 years ago and nowadays is one of the most feared disease by old people, could now be detected before the final signals or when the symptoms appear. Like the journal on TV says (and other articles in the New York Times and CBS News affirmed), the signals could be detected even before the disease begins, throught some proteins contained in the spinal fluid which is obtained from the cervical region. Scientists believe that these proteins are in an abnormal number in and around nerve cells. And that they turn into larger plaques that interrupt communication between nerve cells and progressively kill them. So mind degeneration happens.
Well, I don´t know if it would be nice to know years before that you have a disease that you couldn´t do pretty much for stopping it. I just hope that, with these researches they would find and develop better forms to milder symptoms for these patients.

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