sexta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2006

Post election time

Well, after I´ve seen another time what people can do to be reelected by the population I really won´t wonder myself anymore!
Three estimated persons from this video have been (re)elected, besides other people that shouldn´t be able to make part of the group which represents the population!

Chega de roubalheira!!!

I´ve worked last Sunday (by the second time) on the elections. I´ve seen how easy somebody can corrupt the population and vote for other people... Ok, there are rules that determinate what people should do, but who in Brazil really follow them???
I´m sad about it and I´m worried about the future...

Um comentário:

Flucka disse...

Sabe o que é o pior?
Eu vi algumas destas propagandas na tv mesmo e sei que 3 destas pessoas foram eleitas pelo povão!!!

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